AfreekMoji App Bewertungen

Can't see!!!!

I can't read the text😩

Love to Support Black Companies

I Love the app but I need for the mojis to be be a bit bigger because I have to select a moji then paste just to see if it’s one I need in the convo. Stops the flow of the convo.

Keep evolving this app

I don't care about the bugs they can be fixed. Add support or whatever you need to do so this app stays afloat. I have a neat idea that could prove to be lucrative when it comes to this app and the iPhone. Thank you. For this.


I bought the app to support my people but I can’t use these in regular text conversations. Some of the sayings are not even relatable and a bit on the corny things caucasians say when mocking us. I bought it so 🤷🏾‍♀️...

The keyboard clicking sound

The keyboard clicking sound is a headache. Also the emoji's are really small.

Security needed

I bought this b/c BLACK owned. Definitely feel uncomfortable that I have to give "full access" to get emojis& this could give company access to my personal info. Please fix this so i can utilize app securely

Buy black but ehhh

I was going to support this no matter what because I have made it my mission to #buyblack and #supportsmallbusinesses and I'm addicted to emojis and memes! However I removed it off my keyboard within 2 days because the wording is so tiny I (and others) can't see it very well AT ALL! Love the graphics though. I'm weak for a dashiki lol! I do not regret my purchase, but before I add it back to my keyboard I'll have to wait for some improvements! I thank the developers for FUBU


Love this

App not working

I sent an email and tried to use app support for help but it doesn't work I want a refund if no one is going to fix the problem

App not working

App is not working can't even get support about the issue developers website keep getting an error

Our Own

I just love it, thank you.....first app I ever paid for....didn't even hesitate But, always a but,,,,, need WAAAAY more masculine emojis

Love the app but it needs improvement

I love this app and ehat it's trying to do but, the moji's are so small you can barely see what they are and what they say, Afreekmoji should go looku up bitmoji and look at how they do their moji's I think thay would really help them. And They don't have enough common sayings on their so you can't really use them in your texting conversation as much you would want to. I would say check out bitmoji for that too they continuosly update their saying and stay with trends. Love the app just needs a little restructuring.

Love it

Seen the ad on Facebook and downloaded it immediately ❤️❤️❤️

Nice start

Just need more male emojis...

Way too small!

Nice app, but cannot see what to select.. Its just way too small!


Finally an app that'll put us (Africans) on the map. User friendly and a good representation too. Great app!

Love the concept

App works perfectly well. Really like the African touch the app has given emojis. Very creative!

Extreemly poor app

Very poor app.

Finally an app to express myself better

Love the app. I had been looking for something like this before and I am glad this is finally here. I love how it seamlessly connects to my keyboard. I am African and this resonates well with me and my friends from different countries love it too!

Promising Application

I like the desgn of the app. The emoji's are cute! I like how easy it is for me to find funny emoji's to send to my friends. Application is new and i see the promises it has with some updates

Great and beautiful app!

I'm proud to support this app. The images are thoughtful and beautiful. And for only .99c, it was a great spend of my money! I urge everyone to download!

Best app ever

I love this app so much , something actually different and unique ❤

Easy to use

Love this app! It's easy to use and the emojis are awesome

Great app

His app works well! The people leaving a bad review probably didn't follow instructions. Beautiful nice work ladies!


Bought to support, but I wish it worked with instagram.

Doesn't work

I downloaded the app & it's not working. I am just going to get my money back.

Very poor app

The emojis look like exactly what they are ... small pictures that are copied and pasted into the text. Smh please try again. This app is terrible and a waste of money DO NOT DOWNLOAD you will regret it


It's such an amazing concept. It was so easy to maneuver. I encourage you to download it!!

Needs work

I like the concept a lot...but quite a few things need work. The artwork looks a little amateurish. The phrases could be more up to date, especially to appeal to millennials. Don't like how you copy and paste the image into the text. Wish they were real emojis. So much potential for this. I hope to see updates in the future.


Love it, lots to choose and funny too 😻😻

Doesn't work

I purchased the app and followed all the instructions to allow the keyboard but the emoji doesn't paste. I guess this is a scam? The emojis are cute. I just wish it worked.


Honesty it's a waste of $0,99 . Although I like the concept I don't like the way you have to copy and paste and it's sent like a picture.

So Clever

Such a clever idea, so cool too!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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